Procurement and Storage

Family Mail House have got the goods

Security is our guarantee

FMH has the supply networks to obtain the materials needed to make your envisaged mailing become a reality. From the ordinary (such as paper, envelopes and inks) to the extraordinary (for example, boxes, balloons and balls), FMH can procure it. FMH’s buying power also goes a long way to help your campaign stay within budget.

FMH has a clean and secure storage environment, and its systems – monitored alarm, security fencing and stock insurance – provide peace of mind to you, the customer.

Stock is managed using an inventory control system, which facilitates FMH’s efficiency and effectiveness in carrying out various stages of the warehousing and fulfilment process.

Once a job has been completed, excess materials from your completed mailing can be returned to clients or stored at FMH for future campaigns.