FMH will help you make a lasting impression

The importance of creating a good impression in the minds of your customers is paramount. However, printing that is of an inferior quality can be detrimental to print campaigns and send the wrong message and image to customers. Poor quality printing is usually attributed to the use of less than satisfactory materials, such as ink and paper, and printing equipment. This is why FMH only uses superior printing materials and equipment to ensure your print campaigns enjoy the success that they deserve.

FMH’s printing services include:

  • High speed printing
  • Laser printing (black and white, colour, simplex and duplex) of letterheads, personalised letters, personalised forms, personalised booklets
  • Dot matrix line printing onto continuous stationery
  • Inkjetting onto envelopes, flysheets and other materials
  • RISO Printing-Duplicating of envelopes, flysheets, leaflets and generic letters
  • Mail merge and website and printing

Having your mailing printed by FMH tends to be the most cost-effective option as:

  • FMH’s buying power means quality printing materials can be purchased at a low cost to you.
  • Bearing in mind FMH is one of Australia Post’s select Bulk Mail Partners, its experienced staff ensure your mailing complies with Australia Post standards so you can capitalise on relevant Australia Post discounts.
  • How your job is printed will determine how it can be processed. Staff at FMH orchestrate your mailing so that printing results in the most efficient and cost-effective mail processing possible.