Design and Planning

FMH helps you see the ‘big picture’

Consulting FMH in your mailing’s design and planning stage will save you a dime, lots of time, and ensure your mailings go out on time

FMH prides itself on its personalised service, discussing at length all mailing campaigns and options to best suit, you, the client. FMH can assist in the design and planning of all flysheets, letters, envelopes, and other promotional materials that relate to your mailing. Seeking guidance from the outset of your mailing helps you, the client, stay on-time and budget, as well as greatly improves the quality of your mailing. How an item is printed, or what stock is used, can impact on how the work is processed and, therefore, affects the overall cost and turnaround time of your mailing. With FMH’s help, layouts will be designed to comply with Australia Post regulations, so that you can achieve the best possible postage allowances available to you, whilst still creating the best impression possible.