Data Management

Make your mailing a success, FMH’s data services are sure to impress.

Good data is the foundation of a successful mailing as the delivery success rate and ability to obtain Australia Post allowances are often dependent on the accuracy of a client’s database. FMH can provide its clients with a report on the accuracy of their databases, so that this can be improved if needed. The greater the accuracy of the database, the more likely your mail will be eligible for Australia Post allowances and the greater the chance that your mail will reach its intended destination.

Clients who post over 300 correctly barcoded letters that follow Australia Post’s sorting and lodgement conditions are entitled to barcoded mail allowances. Other Australia Post allowances that FMH can pass onto you, the client, subject to certain requirements and volumes, include: Print Post, available on Australia Post approved periodical publication mailings like magazines; Clean Mail, for mailings that follow Australia Post’s mandatory addressing requirements; and, Charity Mail, barcoded and inscribed mailings of Australian Taxation Office endorsed income exempt charities.

To ensure your data is at its best, FMH offer the following data management services:

  • data converting
  • data re-structuring
  • data de-duplicating
  • address verification using Australia Post approved software to assign a barcode
  • bulk fax and email (bearing in mind anti-spam regulations)
  • barcode sorting
  • print post sorting
  • line haul sorting