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Mail Services

Bulk Mail Postage DiscountAustralia Post LodgmentFolding and InsertingPlastic Wrapping of Magazines, Catalogues, Journals, Annual Reports, etc.

Intelligent Mail Services

Transactional material.e.g invoicesBarcoding Phone Bills

Email Marketing Solutions

Email Promotional CampaignsReminder Service Message (SMS)Promotional SMS Campaign

Data Solutions Services

Australia Post Barcoding (AMAS)Database VerificationDatabase De-DuplicationDatabase MaintenanceMerge Database from multiple files

Design and Printing

Inkjet Addressing/PrintingPrinting Double Sided A4Printing onto Colored PaperMail Merge & PrintingEnvelopes/Promotional flyers

Storage & Distribution

Pick & Pack of Point-of-Sale ItemsStorage of all your Mailing Needs

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