Helpful Hints

Why use Family Mail House?

Most people say “Family Comes First”.

Use us because we, in common, want what you want.
We are professional and guarantee you a fast turnaround mailing. We are passionate and committed about the way we handle your work, and, as a result, FMH applies our work ethic based on your core principles:

  • First mail house to barcode in Victoria
  • Accreditation of Bulk Mail Partner status
  • Achieving excellent reputation in market since it has been established
  • Known for “friendly service”
  • Competitive in price in the market place
  • Integrity – taking pride in delivering first rate service
  • Flexible and easy
  • Guarantee accurate quality control and reliability “on time”
  • FMH works in order to meet your urgent requirements
  • Guaranteed 100% mailing in one-stop-shop
  • Highly experienced staff at Family Mail House
  • Confidential service

Mail Solutions

What is Bulk Mail Postage?
Bulk Mail is high volumes of mail at discounted postage.

Are you eligible to get Bulk Mail Postage Discount rate?
Yes (if applicable).

Is it free to get a quote or advice?

What is personalised customer service contact?
Our sales representatives can visit you face-to-face based on your request.

Is it cheaper to use a window envelope?
Yes, if it is a personalised letter.

What type of envelope is machine compatible?
Lick and stick wallet style – DLX, C5.

Do we need to have an Australia Post Charge Account to use your services?
No. That is one of the benefits of working with us. At FMH, we handle all your headaches. We take care of everything for you with Australia Post. We use our account to send your mail out if you require that service. (Conditions apply)

Do you take credit card payment?
Yes, we absorb the cost of all other Cards, MasterCards and Visa.
American Express – surcharge is 3.5%.

Can you fold A3 to DL?

How many inserts can your equipment insert into envelopes?
Up to 6 sheets in a single envelope on one pass.

Do you shrink / plastic wrap?

How many inserts can you plastic wrap?
Up to 7 sheets.

Is plastic wrapping degradable?

Intelligent Mail Processing

What is Intelligent Mail Processing?
Intelligent Mail Software is able to process personalised mail.

What is transactional mail?
Transactional accounts such as Group Certificates, Bills, Invoices, etc.

Is barcoding worthwhile for my mailing?
In the business world, time is money, so barcoding is worthwhile for customers. It can save you money on postage plus save time on delivery to your customer. Barcoding helps deliver mail faster through the system.

Data Solutions

What format should I send data files to you in?
Excel tab delimited, coma delimited e.g., Title, FirstName, LastName, Address 1, Address 2, Suburb, State, Postcode.

Printing Service

What type of printing is FMH servicing?
Printing brochures, newsletters, mail merges, envelopes, adhesive labels, webpages, annual reports, transactional accounts, invoices, bills, etc.

What artwork formats do you accept?
Any graphically formatted including Indesign, Publisher, Illustrator, Photoshop, PDF and JPEG.

What is bleed?
Crop the colour that goes to edge of  artwork.

Do you supply hard copy proofs?

Do you mail merge?

Can you do both printing and organize envelopes for our mail out?

Is printing in both colour/black & white available?
Yes, for all your printing requirements.

Storage and Distribution

What type of storage can FMH help you with?
All your mailing needs including envelopes, flysheets, etc.

Is environment secure?

Can you process my mail the same day I deliver it?
Generally turnaround time is up to 1-2 days depending on the job quantity and processes needed. That is standard turnaround time. But we are flexible and work around the clock if you require something URGENTLY. Please speak to us on 03 9562 3688.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us if you don’t find an answer to your question.

Feel free to contact us either on or 03 9562 3688. Please note, all your enquiries are treated as Private and Confidential.