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Price changes occur from time to time

At Family Mail House, you will get affordable cost within your budget, especially bulk mail postage and guaranteed accurate mail delivery. The services we provide are:- degradable plastic wrapping, barcode, laser image and printing, database management, intelligent mailing, mechanical folding and inserting, inkjet addressing and storage for all your mailing needs. FMH targets clients from small to large organisations as no job is too big or too small.

The changes, which are necessary to cover the increased cost of providing these services, include changes to the Registered Post, Print Post and International Letter and parcel services.

Additionally two new price categories will be introduced:

  • Metered/Imprint – provides a moderate discount for full rate letters where postage has been paid using a postage meter or via an Australia Post Charge Account; and
  • Acquisition Mail – an addressed, geographically targeted, non-personalised saturation delivery service

Price sheets detailing the specific changes are available. Please ask FMH about how we can help you on or 03 9562 3688.

Keeping You Posted