Case Studies

FMH participates in the case study, Case-Based Challenge (CBC) at the University of Melbourne Principles of Marketing.

Management & Marketing students with big ideas solve problems for Family Mail House

Dated: October 2008
(Please note: The following articles are taken directly from the University of Melbourne

High achieving students in the Department of Management and Marketing recently completed a rare opportunity; consulting on real case work for an Australian business.

The Case Based Challenge run in the ‘Principles of Marketing’ subject allowed students to put into real-life practice the concepts they had learnt in the lecture theatre, helping solve weekly issues for Family Mail House (FMH). FMH is one of the longest established mail houses in Victoria. The company has seen and adapted to a number of industry changes. Australia Post’s introduction of barcoded mail in 1999 was one of the greatest industry challenges to date. Impressively, FMH was the first mail house to lodge barcoded mail in Victoria.It is also one of Australia Post’s few select Bulk Mail Partners.

It’s the first time the challenge has been run, and while the program is not assessed, the most realistic and comprehensive responses at the end of the semester were chosen as winners. Students received prizes and the opportunity to complete further work experience with the company.
Dr Angela Paladino, who developed and oversaw the web-based challenge, says the experience was both unique and invaluable for the students.

“The Case-Based Challenge gave students the opportunity to apply what they learnt each week and address realistic challenges faced by the companies in the marketplace. It also provided students with comprehensive, regular feedback so they could improve their problem-solving skills”.

Joan Glenane, a director of Family Mail House, expressed her sincere thanks to the students who participated for their ideas. “Student responses were comprehensive, objective and insightful, providing the company with a fresh perspective”.

Marie Coson and Sue Lim were judged to have presented the best solutions to the company out of 66 submissions. All students who participated were formally acknowledged for their efforts by FMH. Well done to all of the students who participated.