Family Comes first

Lisa Mulhall meets the first Victorian mailhouse to barcode.
Date of article: Article about FMH is featured in Australia Post Priority magazine in 1999.

When Joan Glenane took the decision over an Australia Post breakfast years ago to pursue barcoding for her company, she had no idea they would be the first mailhouse in Victoria to lodge barcoded mail.

It’s quite an achievement for the Family Mail House, a growing boutique mailhouse that prides itself on its attention to detail and its high level of personalized service.

“We decided to pursue barcoding in the early days because we wanted to be able to pass on the discounts to our clients and offer them a high level of technically advanced service that would enhance their business,” Glenane says, “We knew that for any mailhouse to survive in the medium to long term they would have to come to terms with barcoding, so we made the decision very early on that we would get in on the ground floor.”

Although only around 10 per cent of the Family Mail House mail is
currently barcoded, Glenane says that they are now geared up to such an extent that they would convert 100 per cent of their business over to the new technology.

“Unfortunately, many of our clients are still working on getting their databases up to scratch,” Glenane says.

As one of Australia Post’s top 100 mailers,The family Mail House is
looking to expand its already successful business and build on its 300 plus client base with the help of barcoded mail

“We are in this business for the long term and our early conversion to
barcoding is a further indication to our clients that we are committed to the future growth of the direct-mail industry,” Glenane says.

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