About Us

FMH is dedicated to ‘Keeping You Posted’

Established in the mid-1980s, Family Mail House is one of Victoria’s longest established mail houses. In that time FMH has gained a solid reputation in business. We work closely with customers to assist you regarding your mail and postal services and solutions.

FMH is known for its integrity, honesty and confidential approach within the direct mail and advertising industry.

  • Over a hundred years of experience within the staff of FMH shows our expertise in the industry. Family Mail House is also known as Friendly Mail House and has been the subject of a case based study at Melbourne University. Family Mail House is a “friend to the printer” and, as such, processes a large amount of work. FMH is not a printer but we outsource all printing work to printers who support us.
  • All stock we hold on your behalf is fully insured. Confidentiality is assured of all work carried out and guaranteed by FMH.
  • FMH guarantees you, the client, a speedy and accurately delivered program using the most up-to-date equipment and software.

FMH can assist clients with environmental mailing options and cost effective budget mail-outs.

  • Design and planning of mailings.
  • Data management: converting, restructuring, deduplicating, address verification (using Australia Post approved software), bulk faxing and email, barcode, print post and line haul sorting.
  • Printing: Laser printing of personalised and non-personalised letters, forms and booklets (black and white, colour, simplex and duplex), dot matrix line printing onto continuous stationery, inkjetting onto envelopes, flysheets and other materials, RISO Printing/Duplicating of envelopes, flysheets, leaflets and generic letters, mail merging and digital printing.
  • Machine processing (intelligent mail and mailings, Data Tools, bursting continuous stationery, guillotining, folding, collating, inserting, plastic wrapping, bundle tying).
  • Manual processing (affixing self adhesive labels, collation, complete fulfillment, hand wrapping, hand folding, hand inserting, householder preparation and delivery, match mailing of personalised mailing items, and sorting).
  • Supply, procurement and storage of mailing items.

FMH guarantees you, the client, a speedy and accurately delivered program using the most up-to-date equipment and software.

FMH has consistently demonstrated its commitment to continuous improvement, efficiency and quality:

  • FMH was the first mail house to lodge barcoded mail in Victoria.
  • FMH successfully partook in Australia Post’s Process Improvement Program.
  • FMH is one of Australia Post’s select Bulk Mail Partners. For Family Mail House to be eligible for BMP status, FMH has strictly met BMP’s criteria.
    • BMP’s assessment process – Self-assessment of internal controls by Family Mail House
    • Review of the quality of lodgements measured by Lodgement Quality System (LQS)
    • Benchmark performance measured by LQS of less than 5% – FMH is eligible to receive BMP status.
    • If a Mail House exceeds 5% during the BMP assessment process, the mail house is not eligible to receive BMP status.
  • FMH is a Bulk Mail Partner, and guarantees security and accuracy in processing mail.
  • BMP status ensures that your work is never held up by Australia Post at lodgement point.
  • Latest Software Licence DataTools.
  • Intelligent Mail Software is an assurance supporting you to:
    • Increase your revenue
    • Increase your cash flow
    • Reduce your cost
    • Lower your credit term period
    • Fast and accurate quality control

FMH is committed to ‘Keeping You Posted’; providing you – the client – with superior service, Australia Post postal discounts (if applicable) and a quick turnaround time for your mailings.

FMH’s reliability enables us to guarantee accurate on-time mailings; complemented by personalised service.